Monday, 4 June 2012

Warm-up with some Chub-Robics!

The Fattylympics will get underway on Saturday 7 July with stalls, performances and general hanging-out. Keep your eyes peeled for this:


Join Vivacious von Vixen (pictured, left) in a vitalising warm-up for the Fattylympics opening ceremony!

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Vivacious will lead an exercise routine like no other to get you pumped and limber for the day’s delights.

Stretch that satirical smirk and push your funny bone to the limit with moves carefully designed to flaunt the flab, laud your lard and applaud the ample-bodied.

Vivacious will provide just the exuberant encouragement you need and have you shedding your inhibitions and building body-positivity from the very first session. Including a range of accessible moves to accommodate all abilities, this pork-out will have even the sveltest of spectators shakin' and groovin'. Whether well-upholstered or blessed with the most petite of paunches, these moves will flatter any figure and praise physiques of all proportions.

Guaranteed to expand your sense of humour by at least two dress sizes.*

Join us around midday on 7 July to start working your wobble and realise your portly potential!

*Hyperbolic claims only verified when taken in combination with a pinch of salt.

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