Monday, 28 May 2012

Meet the Fattylympian: Billiard Savage

Who are you?
I am Billiard Savage!

What does the Fattylympics mean to you?
Refusing to play along by playing differently. Recognising the intersections between fat, class, race, gender and sexuality and how the You Know Whats are being/have been used to regulate all those things in various combinations. Doing something fun and absurd. Making your own culture.

What's the best thing you can do with your body?
An impersonation of an egg in a shirt and tie.

Who would you most like to invite to the Fattylympics, and why?
I would like to invite two other majestically egg-shaped people: Alfred Hitchcock and Wyatt Riot. I reckon they’d have a good time.

Egg or Spoon?
Egg, obviously.

What else would you like to say?
Greetings to Fattylympians everywhere!

Are you a Fattylympian? Wanna be featured here? Get in touch:

Medal-making is underway

Fattylympics medal-making is happening! These are a tiny fraction of the beautiful medals that people have made. Thanks to everyone at The Weigh In, Simon, Allyson and Deirdre.

There's still time to make some of your own. Bring them on the day or post them to us (email for an address). Here's some more information about what we're looking for.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Download, print and circulate this Fattylympics Poster

Az has made a beautiful Fattylympics poster. Please download, print, and spread it around.

Fattylympics poster (.pdf, 13mb)

Games Monitor interview about fat and the Olympics

I'm really delighted to have been interviewed by the Games Monitor about fat and the Olympics, including some things about the Fattylympics.

Under the radar: Fat activism and the London 2012 Olympics: An interview with Charlotte Cooper

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Everyone feels sportier when they're wearing a Fattylympics headband

We went to Berlin to take part in a European workshop about fat activism and to show off at Rebel Bellies last week. During the trip we were beyond delighted to pick up a consignment of Fattylympics towelling headbands organised by Tünya Ö, and sported here at Kotbusser Tor by her, Kori K, me and Kay.

The people of Kreuzberg have seen and done it all, but the sight of a little group of Fattylympics queers parading through the streets in headbands turned a few heads, I can assure you. The four of us agreed that wearing a headband makes you feel very sporty indeed, it's a satisfying feeling to have your head slightly compressed by the finest elasticated towelling on earth. We hope you agree that they look extremely dapper.

We will have a bunch of Fattylympics headbands to give out on the day, just so you know. When they're gone, they're gone.