Monday, 4 June 2012

Fattylympics Events: Spin-Off

Following fierce competition, we are delighted to announce the events that got through the proposal round for the Fattylympics. Yes folks, this is what we'll be doing on the day.

Spin Off
Proposed by Simon

This event concerns the rotation of the body by any available means (feet, wheels etc), to provoke a measurable range of dizzy states and an awareness of their effects.

Participants will wear specially-constructed Spinning Hats and will spin to the beat of a metronome in three rounds, getting faster each time. Much cheering and yells of "Faster! Faster!" are encouraged.

Upon completion of the spin a Dizz-o-Meter will be produced, upon which participants will measure the depth of their dizziness.

A quiet place to sit down, and a bucket in case of 'upsets' will be provided for participants.

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