The Fattylympics embraces a philosophy of non-competiveness. Everybody who took part or came to the event won something, there weren't any losers because, frankly, pretty much every one of us already feels like a loser in the face of the You Know Whats.

In order to facilitate this non-competitive ethic, the Fattylympics needed a ton of medals for everyone. These were made by various volunteers.


Here's the brief:
  • Medals can be made of any material but must be wearable so therefore not too heavy or dangerous (no sharp edges, for example)
  • They must say 'Fattylympics' on them somewhere
  • They must not depict anything likely to offend and should be designed in line with Fattylympics values. Non-competitive themes are especially welcome
  • Medals can be pinned or worn around the neck. If the latter, make sure the ribbon is long enough for even the fattest neck.
  • Make as few or as many as you like
  • Anyone anywhere can make medals, you don't have to attend the Fattylympics. Feel free to invite your friends round to have a medal-making party.
It does not matter if you've never made anything in your life before, or if you can't draw or have no skills at crafting, we like this kind of stuff.

When you have made medals, please email for details of how to get them to us.