Monday 20 May 2013

Fattylympics talk

Charlotte says: I made a slideshow movie with the recording of my talk in Bradford on 11 May 2013. I spoke about The Fattylympics in some depth, describing how and why it came to be, what it looked like, some of the problems we encountered, and what activists and cultural producers might learn from it. Beware, there is some swearing.

Cooper, C. (2013) Doing the Dance of Disrespect: The Fattylympics. Just Do(ing) It, Again: The Politics of DIY and Self-Organised Culture. Bradford: 1 in 12 Club/Bradford University. 11 May.

Friday 27 July 2012

Research project: did you go to the Fattylympics?

The Fat Geography Massive (aka Bethan and Rachel) were the people organising the Gym Knicker Blinging stall. They are also researchers who do work on fat activism, and are doing some research on the Fattylympics, with Kay's and my support.

They are looking for people to give accounts of the event to help document the activism and community organisation that took place so that it can inform future fat activism and can help develop academic work on the creation of size acceptance spaces.

If you would be happy to be involved in this research, please email them at and they will send you more information - if you email them you can still decide not to take part after you've got the information, they promise they won't spam you.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Egg'n'Spoon fan page

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This is what it looked like

Thanks to Simon, Corinna, Tam and Dansette for pics. Please get in touch if you're in a picture and want it taken down.