Monday, 4 June 2012

Meet the Fattylympian: Lauren

Here's Lauren in the super-fab Vol.Up.2 mag
by Velvet d'Amour
Who are you?
I am Lauren, a 28 year old unemployed bum from Essex.

What does the Fattylympics mean to you?
It means fun, community and a place where I can feel safe and comfortable from ridicule - a welcome respite in this Olympian, 200,000 Drs against obesity, Biggest Loser culture I find myself in.

What's the best thing you can do with your body?
I've never been someone who can do party tricks, I'm not double-jointed anywhere which has always made me quite sad. But I suppose as a living, breathing thing, that my body can keep me alive and allow me to go out into the world is a great thing.

Who would you most like to invite to the Fattylympics, and why?
My initial response was someone notoriously fat hating, like Jamie Oliver, or Dr Christian - but why should they be invited to an event that they will only sneer at? I would like to invite all the wonderful fatties who would feel better about themselves and life by attending Fattylympics.

Egg or Spoon?
Spoon! I don't like eggs, unless they're a) chocolate or b) in chocolate cake

What else would you like to say?
I have a blog that talks about fatty fashion, Pocket Rocket ( It's frivolous but fun (I hope!) and really just that I'm so excited for the event, I can't wait!

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