Friday, 8 June 2012

Erkan Mustafa aka Roland Browning of TV's Grange Hill will open the Fattylympics

The Fattylympics is extremely happy to announce that our esteemed guest of honour, responsible for opening the event, will be Erkan Mustafa.

Erkan is a long-time resident of East London and will be known to many as the actor who portrayed the most iconic fat kid in the history of British TV: Roland Browning from Grange Hill.

Younger Fattylympians might want to bone up on the world of Roland, a character who is put upon, but ultimately grows in confidence and badassery – whilst remaining fat. That would never happen today.

Here he is on his first day at school:

We welcome Erkan and thank him for his work. Erkan will be cutting the ribbon and hosting the first Fattylympics event: Rolling with Roland. He has generously offered his services for free, but tells us that he does like a carrot cake (and banana bread too). If you would like to show your gratitude in the form of baked goods for Erkan, please get in touch.

Find out more about Erkan's portrayal of Roland in this Grange Hill Gold interview.

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