Thursday, 10 May 2012

Everyone feels sportier when they're wearing a Fattylympics headband

We went to Berlin to take part in a European workshop about fat activism and to show off at Rebel Bellies last week. During the trip we were beyond delighted to pick up a consignment of Fattylympics towelling headbands organised by Tünya Ö, and sported here at Kotbusser Tor by her, Kori K, me and Kay.

The people of Kreuzberg have seen and done it all, but the sight of a little group of Fattylympics queers parading through the streets in headbands turned a few heads, I can assure you. The four of us agreed that wearing a headband makes you feel very sporty indeed, it's a satisfying feeling to have your head slightly compressed by the finest elasticated towelling on earth. We hope you agree that they look extremely dapper.

We will have a bunch of Fattylympics headbands to give out on the day, just so you know. When they're gone, they're gone.

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