Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fattylympics Street Art Coming Your Way!

Pivo has made some beautiful street art for the Fattylympics and has kindly made the images available for people to download, colour and paste up. Aren't they gorgeous! There will be more images as the Fattylympics draw closer. Please print and share them where you see fit. Pivo says: "The files are A3 but people will be able to scale them down to A4 if that's as large as they can print."

Pivo continues:

"In a nutshell, I make life size portraits of people that are a response to the things that concern me and put them up on the streets where anyone can see them. Although I don't like what the concept of street art has come to stand for, I do still think it's an amazing format to challenge the use of public space and break down the barriers between art in galleries and the places real people inhabit. I founded a collective called the Caged Bird Club to put exhibitions up in the streets and celebrate the work of all the untrained but highly creative folks out there. I also design posters for other artist collectives and am interested in working with activists to develop graphics that help spread the word about things they are working on.

I live in East London but it was my friend in America who brought the Fattylympics to my attention. I was so excited to see that people were doing something that touches on all the things that terrify me about the You Know Whats (body fascism, rigid gender distinctions, gentrification or outright social cleansing, the total repression of dissent, corporate dominance, nationalism, the list unfortunately goes on) and when it was clear that it was being done in a satirical way, I immediately signed myself up.

The participatory and non-competitive nature of the Fattylympics made me think that I should incorporate some of those good DIY values into what I was able to offer. I will be creating a series of posters with all different types of people on them that people can download, colour in their own distinctive style and display in their windows, offices, schools or wherever. My hope is that they can be a way for us to proudly proclaim that actually we'd rather live our lives based on cooperation, community and amateurish fun in East London (kind of like we did back when celebrities didn't live here and nobody gave a shit about us).

Have fun colouring in!"

Pivo Fattylympics Street Art - glasses (.pdf, 414kb)

Pivo Fattylympics Street Art - hat (.pdf, 385kb)

Check out more of Pivo's work here:


  1. These are brilliant - I can't participate in the fattylympics, but will def download and distribute these. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much! More images coming soon.