Monday, 20 February 2012

Propose a Fattylympics Event!

There will be four participatory competition events at the Fattylympics. One of these events is spoken for, but there are three remaining slots that need filling.

We are inviting proposals from people who want to create Fattylympics events for these three slots. We're looking for events that are:
  • Hilarious
  • Visually appealing, eye-popping
  • Make you feel glad to be alive
  • Congruent with Fattylympics themes of DIY, satire, making things together, community, imperfection
  • Accessible to people with all kinds of bodies and abilities
  • Not insulting to anyone, least of all fat people (parody is encouraged, but ask us and other people if you're worried about what is and what isn't insulting)
Please be aware that the Fattylympics values non-competitiveness. In devising your event please avoid creating winners at the expense of losers, consider events where everyone wins, and be imaginative in the ways that special awards for particular kinds of merit can be given.

What's in it for you?
  • Amazing, fun-filled, beautiful times with incredible people
  • A chance to create something really great at a unique and never-to-be-repeated event
  • A lovely afternoon messing around in the park
  • An opportunity to make something meaningful in the face of the You Know Whats
You will need to be able to attend the Fattylympics on 7 July 2012 in East London in order to set up and manage your event. There are three spaces available: a hard surface, a playing field behind the venue, and a grassy area out the front of the venue. These are public spaces, so please bear in mind that there can be no amplification beyond a megaphone and a whistle; that any mess you make must be easily tidied and won't get us into trouble with the park management. Please refrain from using the language, trademarks and symbols of the You Know Whats. Each event has been allocated 30 minutes, with ten minutes at the beginning to set-up.

You are welcome to promote your own stuff in the event, but you should not treat it as an advertisement. There will be general Fattylympics banners and decorations around the place, but if you need special equipment, you will have to make/acquire it yourself. There may be help available for transporting things to the venue. We cannot pay you but we have a very small amount of money to cover some costs. We will supply judges and stewards.

Proposing an event
ANYONE CAN PROPOSE AN EVENT! Group proposals are also welcome and encouraged. Your proposal should be no longer than two pages and should include:
  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • An explanation of what you'd like to do and in what space you'd like to do it (hard surface, playing field, grassy area)
  • Pictures, diagrams, links etc
  • A list of things you'll need help with
  • Potential costs
  • A plan for encouraging people to participate
The proposal does not have to be perfect, just send in some ideas and we can work something out.

Please send this information to

Deadline for proposals is Friday 30 March 2012


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